How to Reach Us?

Pucon is situated 700 km south of Chile's capital Santiago and easily reached by plane or with the very comfortable and reliable bus system . Pucon airport is open only during the sumer months, the next airport working year around is Temuco, 1 hour by transfer-bus from Pucón.

If you drive your own car - Antilco on WAZE

Placeholder image Drive from Villarrica to Pucón, at the entrance of Pucon there is a roundabout . You drive straight towards “Caburgua”, on the next roundabout you keep straight, still “Caburgua”. About 1 km later turn left off the paved road where it says “Aeropuerto” (airport), and follow the signs to "Quelhue." After 1km you reach a bridge that’s crossing Trancura River, about 200 meters after the bridge on the T-junction you turn right to "EL Christo" and then you follow this scenic road for 4 km until you see the Antilco painting on a trunk on the right hand.

Public Transportation from the North:

By air :The nearest airport with regular flights is in Temuco where up to six flights arrive daily from Santiago. (Direct flights form Santiago to Pucón fly only in January and February). From Temuco Airport take a transfer bus (about 12.000 CLP, one hour) straight to Pucón. Once in Pucon, we'll pick you up. Public bus: There are six to ten daily buses from Santiago to Pucón, most drive during the night. Several companies offer this service, we can recommend “Buses JAC” and “TUR “bus. There are different categories, classico, ejecutiva, salon cama and premium (90 degrees reclinable) which vary in price (10.000- 30.000 CLP). You'll reach Pucón between 8.00 and 9.00 am and we'll pick you up once you get there. Train: Since the famous art-deco wagons don’t run anymore, trains aren't a good alternative to public buses.

Public Transportation from the South:

By bus: “Buses JAC“ run two buses a day from Puerto Montt - Osorno - Pucón (8000-19000 CLP, depending on the class, about six hours). Several buses run from the central bus station in Valdivia (7.00am - 8.00pm, every 1.5 hours, about three hours). Once in Pucon, we'll pick you up. By airplane: LATAM Chile flies Puerto Montt to Temuco. From Temuco Airport take a transfer bus (about 15000 CLP, 1 hour) straight to Pucón, or take a cab (5000 CLP, thirty minutes) to the bus station, and then continue on with the public bus (3000 CLP, 1,5 hours, departs every hour) to Pucón. Once in Pucon, we'll pick you up.