Glacier and Hot Springs Trail: Ten Days Horseback Trek around the Volcano Sollipulli

Sign up for our newest trek, a ten daays horseback ride through Huerquehue National Park, Rio Blanco Valley and Huachelepun, but most impressively, up to the high plains of the Sollipulli Volcano!
Sollipulli is an amalgamation of several volcanic hot spots with one massive, central, inactive crater and is a landscape of epic proportions. In 2011, our arrieros got on the glacier Sollipulli on horseback, the first riders ever to do so, and now we are thrilled to be able to share this exquisite landscape with you.
Traverse scrubby plains that reach to the horizon; climb red-hued conical hills; and ride beneath the black and white, sand and snow, streaked plateaus and peaks of this giant volcano. Spend nine days on horseback exploring an amazing cross-section of the various environments Southern Chile has to offer: peaceful lakeside camps lead to dense, virgin rain-forests with sky-high canopies, which give way to meandering river valleys, which in turn arrive at the breathtaking slopes of Sollipulli.
If you’re looking for an adventure on horseback and the opportunity to see the rippled landscape of the Chilean Andes at its most pristine and impressive, come explore Sollipulli and its surrounding areas with us. Highlights include days riding through untouched forest and nights spent at natural hot springs and The Domes (permanently-installed tents in the forest) of "Nevada de Sollipulli" mountain lodge.
But, no doubt the pinnacle of our trip will be our two ascents to Sollipulli and our arrival on the rim of its vast, glacier-filled crater!

Itinerary ten days trail-ride Glacier and Hot Springs Trail

  • Bridge and creek at campsite on Sollipulli horse back  trek in the Andes

    We pick you up in Pucon and welcome you to the ranch where we‘ll eat breakfast together. Then we‘ll take an initial ride through the Mapuche Indian community Quelhue and along the rapids of the Trancura River to evaluate your riding experience, get familiar with the saddle and tack, and determine which horses to take on our adventure. In the afternoon we‘ll go to our base camp at Laguna Geppinger, make dinner and enjoy the evening on the lakeside.


    Leaving Laguna Geppinger, we‘ll ride deeper into the Huife valley past rural farms and peaceful countryside. After lunch in the shade, we‘ll enter the dense rain-forests typical of southern Chile, and wind our way around the massive trunks of the Coighue trees. Eventually we‘ll meet with an old logging access road and follow it down the Rio Blanco Valley until we arrive at our campsite at Termas San Sebastian. There we‘ll set up camp, cook dinner over the fire, and relax in the natural hot springs.

  • Rider on Sollipulli horse back  trek in the Andes

    After a hot bath in the morning we‘ll head back into the forest, ascending out of the valley toward the dramatic peaks of Sollipulli. We‘ll emerge from the forest onto the high, rolling plains beneath the volcano‘s crater and cross the vast landscape and conical hills. There, with the snow-capped volcano above, and the entire mountainous region of southern Chile spreading out before us, we‘ll make camp in the plains and enjoy our night alone in the mountains.

  • Group of riders in front of a mountain on Sollipulli horse back  trek in the Andes

    Today we‘ll traverse this intense volcanic landscape and observe the various features of Sollipulli: bland hillsides of shale and slate; huge deserts of black volcanic sand; snow fields; and gushing streams of glacial runoff. From this high altitude we‘ll have truly stunning views of the dozens of volcanoes, mountain ranges and deep blue lakes that constitute the local landscape. In the afternoon we‘ll descend to the Flor de Valle valley and make camp in the back pasture of a local farmer.

  • View of lanin Volcano on Sollipulli horse back  trek in the chilean Andes

    After a breakfast with fresh bread baked by the senora of the farmhouse, we‘ll continue down the valley for a more relaxing day of riding. We‘ll follow the Maichin River, passing several isolated, rural farms tucked into corners of the valley, until we arrive to the area of Huachalepun and our campsite for the night at the Domes of Los Nevados de Sollipulli. We‘ll spend a night protected from the elements in these Domes, or permanently installed tents, and feast on a typical Chilean asado.

  • Group of riders on icefield on Sollipulli horse back  trek in the chilean Andes

    To the Crater! We ascend out of the valley again, back up the hillsides of Sollipulli arriving on the rim of the vast, glacier-filled crater. We‘ll enjoy this spectacular sight before descending once again to "Nevados de Sollipulli" mountain lodge.


    We will have a day off to give the horses time to recover. time for a hike in the mountain, fishing in the lake or relaxing in the hot tub.


    After a full-day of riding through the low Flor de Valle valley and several winding hours through the dense bamboo and Coighue forests of Huerquehue National Park, we‘ll reach Laguna Isolde, a crystal mountain lake surrounded by the peculiar Araucaria (monkey puzzle trees). We‘ll make camp nearby in a forest clearing and leave the horses in a paddock made of stacked tree trunks.


    A day of dappled sunlight, rich greenery, thick forest canopies, and tranquil farm-dotted countryside will bring us back to our campsite at the natural hot springs in the Rio Blanco valley.


    We‘ll get an early start on our last day, riding out of the Rio Blanco Valley and meeting up sparkling tributaries of Caburgua Lake. We‘ll skirt this vast lake all day, following its rocky shore until we reach an abandoned farm in the mountains from where we‘ll descend and return to Antilco. Once back at the ranch we‘ll indulge in a huge barbecue and recount our adventures from this stunning trek.

Facts about the Andean Lakes Trail

Meeting point

Pucón, 9.00 am first day


10 Days, 8 nights, 9 days on horseback, one day of rest in the middle.

Kind of trip

Pack trip, no accompanying car

Number of Riders

2 - 8 riders

Riders Qualification required

Intermediate physical condition, experience in trail-riding is required Because of the rough and steep terrain you should not suffer from vertigo. We ride up to 8 hours a day with breaks.


2 nights in domos of "Nevados de Sollipulli" mountain lodge, 7 nights in tent camps.

Sanitary equipment

Shower, water, and toilet on days one, two, five, six and nine, on the other days you are bathing in sparkling creek or lake.


Complete food soft drinks from dinner on the first day to the farewell BBQ on the last riding day . On the trail we have breakfast, a snack at midday and dinner at the campfire. We serve wonderful Chilean and Argentinean wines for dinner.


All transports to and from Pucón, all fees, all equipment from spoon to tent and sleeping mats.

Personal luggage

Here is a suggestion of things to bring to the ride. Weight limit for personal items excluding sleeping bag, mat and tent : 5kg/11 lbs

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room additional bed

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment kitchen

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living and dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment bedroom

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Crossing the Andes on Horseback

Enjoy a documentary filmed by German National TV about our expedition to Sollipulli Volcano, our Chile - Argentina ride and life on our ranch.

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Enjoy some impressions of our horses: the morning on the paddock, out riding and finishing the evening on their mountain pasture. A video by our guide Lotte.

Camera and editing: Annelotte Medema. Drone-takes by Hannes Häfner. Check more movies and videos from Lotte at YouTube and at

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