Articels - print and online - and a 45 minutes Documentary.

Over the years newspapers and magazines have featured the ranch and our rides in their publications, print and online;
in 2013, a team from German National TV made a 45 minutes documentary about our Crossing the Andes ride : "Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer: die Vulkanreiter". Unfortunately all publicatons are in German, Spanish or Danish, no English up to now...

Crossing the Andes on Horseback

Enjoy a documentary filmed by german national TV about our expedition to Sollipulli Volcano, our Chile - Argentina ride and life on our ranch.

Our horses

Imprssions from the morning on the paddock, saddeling, out during the day and he evening,back on their mountain paddock. A film by our 2017 guide Lotte. MOre films from Lotte on YouTube and at