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Travelling Chile, getting to Pucon

Pucón is about 700km/ 500miles south of Santiago

From Santiago Pucón can easily be reached by bus or plane.  By plane it's 1.5 hours flight + 1 hour transfer. By bus it takes 11 hours.

  • There are several busses that go straight Santiago - Pucón (most of them at night). The Chilean bus system is very comfortable, there are different classes, an example you can check at TUR Bus , one of the bigger companies.
  • We can make reservations for your bustickets.
  • The nearest airport from Pucon is Temuco, from Temuco airport you take a transfer straight to Pucon. There are 3 companies, LATAM, JetSmart and SKY who fly Santiago – Temuco.
On the rides this is no problem, all our rides are acompanied by an only spanish speaking arriero as well as an english speaking second guide (often english as mothertongue). Travelling the country is more difficult as there are few english speaking Chileans. Getting to Antilco from Santiago is very easy even if yo do not speak Spanish.
Chile is one of the safest countries in Latin America. You can easily travel in Chile as a solo traveling woman. Nevertheless, as in any country there are areas you rather avoid, specially in bigger cities. During summer-months there are many pickpockets in hot-spots as bus stations. Being reasonably cautious will keep you save.
We will pick you up in Pucon at 9.00 am, at any place in town, e.g. your hostel or hotel. If you arrive the same day from Santiago by bus, the bus most likely will arrive at 8.30 am. We will pick you up at the bus station. If you arrive at the Temuco airport we can organize your transfer to Pucon.

About the rides

Our staff is formed by Spanish and English speakers.

We believe that it is a part of the cultural experience we offer that our guests should, as much as possible, get in touch with locals and their way of living. But you should be able to communicate, therefore all rides are led by a team of one Spanish speaking arriero and second English speaking guide - often it will be a native English speaker.
Our horses are capable of carrying riders up to 110 kilos (240 pounds,17.3 stones) on the half day horseback rides. As on most rides the horses carry additional weight of supplies and tents, if you weigh more than 100 kilos (220 pounds, 15.7 stones) you may need a second horse to switch or an extra pack horse for your luggage. Tell us and we´ll find a solution.
We do have rides that are perfect for beginners and others that require experienced riders. Even some of the several day rides beginners can join and ride with fun. On the half day rides we have trails that are perfectly suited for beginners without being boring nose-to-tail rides.
On our rides we serve a variety of different dishes, a mixture of typical Chilean food and international dishes. We serve beer and wine for dinner, juices, coffee, tee for breakfast and the pick-nics. In tent camps we cook on campfires, BBQ is en essential part of these meals. Nevertheless we have a vast experience in catering to different needs. If you prefer vegetarian or need a special diet, just let us know in time.
Our regular trips are designed for adventurous adults and not generally suitable for under 17years. However we do operate some private family adventures, contact us to arrange a tour for your family.
We do several day rides from end of November to end of April. Even though the weather usually from October on is very pleasant, until November in the higher parts still remain parts of snow that sometimes are impossible to ride. Regarding the weather mid December to March are the best months with a low possibility for rain.
Besides our "regular" rides generally once a year we do a exploring ride, sometimes we take riders on these trips. You find these rides advised in our "Special Rides" section. For groups of friends/ clubs etc we can organize customized trails in different areas, 4x4 accompanied rides, lodge to cabin rides.... Please inquire.

About Antilco

We ride Criollo Chileno, a rather small breed, ideal for the mountain ranges of the Chilean Andes. You´ll find more detailed information and photos on our Criollo Chileno site and more personalized on the our horses one-by-one page.
We are using all local Chilean saddles and gear. Working saddles, designed for a long days on horseback which are very comfortable for both rider and horse. Plaided raw hide reins, soft bits. All gear permanently revised and frequently renewed. Get a closer look at our gear at our "Saddles and Gear" section.
Pucon is the center for any outdoor activity in southern Chile, therefore there are a lot of things to do. On the ranch it is all about horses and we definitely focus on horseback riding but of course do organize other activities for our guests. For all these activities we work with the according specialists , may it be mountain guides for hiking the active Villarrica Volcano or kayakers and raft guides for tours on the rivers. At our "Things to do in Pucon" section you can get an idea.
Pucon is situated on the entrance of a huge valley that reaches right into the center of the Andes at a height of 200meters/660 feet above sea level. Antilco´s main house is at 350 meters/1150 feet. Behind the paddocks the mountain within 1.5 kilometers/ 0.9 miles rises to 1200 meters/4000 feet. On the trails we cross passes at about 2000 meters/6600 feet but ride into lower regions for the night-camps. Generally speaking the Andes in southern Chile are not as high as further north in Santiago or Peru. The highest peaks around are Volcano Villarrica with 2,860 m (9,380 ft) 14 km/8,6 miles away and Lanin with 3,776 m (12,388 ft) 70 km/44 miles away.
Temperature in Chile vary a lot with the hight and whether we have sunshine or clouds. As a general rule we have high temperatures only with direct sunshine, as soon as the sun disappears, at night or because it's cloudy, temperatures drop imediately. In Pucón and on the ranch from January to March you can count on 25 degrees Celsius up in the day. Many people spent beach vacations in Pucón and around the Villarrica lake. At night temperatures go down to 10-15 degrees. On a ride in the heights of National Park Villarrica you may get temperatures near 0 at night even in summer.