Videos about Antilco, the tours, the team... .

Over the years we had film teams visiting, outstanding the 45 minutes documentary Lourdes Picareta did for German national SWR station" Riding the Volcanoes" about an expedition to the glacier of Sollipulli volcano.

A half day ride in Quelhue

A video about one of the two trails we ride on our half day rides. Riding the Mapuche community Quelhue and on the banks of Trancura river.

Hallo Deutschland

A short presentation German TV aired in 2018 about Antilco; unfortunately no subs yet - enjoy the images.


A video by Hannes H.. Besides our horses and our arrieros Luis and Aldo you get to know some more neighbors and landscape. Again- no subs, just pretty images.

Our horses

Impressions from the morning on the paddock, saddling, out during the day and he evening,back on their mountain paddock. A film by our 2017 guide Lotte. More films from Lotte on YouTube and at

Camera and editing: Annelotte Medema, drohn takes: Hannes Häfner.

Crossing the Andes on Horseback

Enjoy a documentary filmed by German National TV about our expedition to Sollipulli Volcano, our Chile - Argentina ride and life on our ranch. Subs!

Riding the Volcano part 2

The second part of the documentary of our expedition to the crater and glacier of Sollipulli