Activities - other than horseback riding - at the Ranch

Pucon is centrally situated in the southern Chilean lake district and is a convenient starting point for a vast variety of activities. At Antilco we specialize in Horseback riding, but we love to organize a wide range of activities for our guests. To do this, we work with corresponding specialists in town: mountain guides, raft guides, etc.... Many activities can be done on your own, with nothing more than a map and a sense of adventure! For other excursions which require assistance, we`ll give you all the information you need to choose the right company for the exact activity you`re planning. Most activities and tours can be organized spontaneously, but others need to be arranged some days in advance. Travelers who are arranging excursions themselves, separate of a tour group, may want to consider renting a car for a day or two. In this area, having your transportation really makes a difference and will allow you to explore more remote areas. Day hikes in NP Huerquehue can be easily managed be with public transportation, but treks in the NP Villarrica will require a private transport /car. Most of the time 4x4 is not required. We can help arrange car rental as well. Prices are shown in Chilean pesos (CLP) and are basically meant to orient you. You can check the prices in your currency in the currency converter .

Hiking and trekking in the area

The National Parks around Pucon offer many opportunities for trekking and day hikes:

  • Day Trek: Hiking in NP Huerquehue

    You can get there on your own, or take a public bus; bus + entrance fee about 20.000 CLP. Excursion to three beautiful mountain lagoons, surrounded by an ancient Araucaria forest. You can visit the Huerquehue National Park at any time of the year,although the large amounts of snow in winter may make it difficult to find the path.

    Day Trek: Conquering the active Villarrica Volcano.

    Recommended to go with a mountain guide. Agencies in town provide a guide and all gear you need. Price including guide, entrance, gear and transport is about 90.000 CLP This trek is possible even without mountain experience. Travelers in medium physical condition will reach the top in 5 hours, and make it back down in 2. A glimpse of the boiling magma and stunning views out over the region makes it worth the effort.

  • Hiking Quetrupillan Volcano.

    Self-transportation only, no public. Entrance fee 10.000 CLP. Guided tour about 80.000 including Guide, transportation, and entrance fee. This terrain is easier to conquer than Villarrica Volcano. If you have good orientation in the outdoors you can do it on your own, otherwise hire a guide. The trek starts in low farmland, winds through forest and reaches the crater far above the tree-line.

  • 2 hour hike: From the farm, up the mountainside to a lookout and an ancient puma trap.

    Enjoy great views of the Pucon valley and Villarrica Volcano on this easy hike which starts from the farm.

  • 3 hour hike: From the farm to "Ojos de Caburgua"

    Easy hike along our entrance road through the rural countryside... The "Ojos" waterfalls are fed by an underground river, which rises to the surface in this place creating impressive cascades.

Rafting, Kayaking, Hydrospeed

Pucon is surrounded by pristine and powerful rivers and has long been a mecca for kayakers.. White water in Chile is almost always WW 3+ with a lot of pressure. Kayaking in this area is generally only recommended for experienced kayakers, but those who do paddle the river have great fun! The farm is on the banks of the Liucura river and from out pastures you`ll find a nice plays pot where the national kayak rodeo competitions took place. The less experienced can explore the rivers in rafting tours .

Rafting Trancura bajo

, WW 3-4, Price about. 20.000 CLP Suitable for Families and beginners, 3 hours activity, only 1.5 hours of decent.

Rafting Trancura alto, WW 4-5

Price about 25.000 CLP Definitely more adventurous than the Trancura bajo.

Ducky tours on Liucura and Trancura

Price about 20.000 CLP Inflatable 2 seater kayaks, very stable, more individual than big rafts, but easy to ride even without experience.

Hydrospeed (River-board)

Swim down the rapids using a special board and fins to aid flotation. This excursion is done with a guide and a security kayak

Guided Fishing trips

E.g. Liucura half day 50.000 CLP The fishing season begins the second Friday in November and lasts until the first Sunday in May. The best months for fishing are November, December, March and April. To fish in Chile you need a license which can easily be obtained in town by paying a small fee. The license is valid throughout Chile. Rowing boats run the Trancura and Liucura river as well as Tolten river in Villarrica.

Fishing on your own

There are good holes right in front of our house and a short walk up the river.

Guided kayaking

Different grades of difficulty from WW III-IV+ on Liucura, Trancura, Maichin, San Pedro river.

Sightseeing in Pucon

Southern Chile and the Lake District are more well known for their natural beauty and fabulous landscape than for their cultural sights. The native Mapuche Indians, unlike the Inca in Peru, did not leave grand monuments or buildings as a testament to their ancient culture. However, if you take the time to find the information, you can get a fascinating closer look into the history of the area and the Mapuche culture.

A visit to the Mapuche Community of Currarehue.

Public transportation is possible, easier with your own car. About 1 hour driving. Currarehue has a neat Cultural Center with an exhibition of Mapuche jewelery and daily items as well as demonstrations of local indigenous dishes.

Nearby Currarehue Maria Epulef runs a very good restaurant with indigenous dishes. Maria is a well-known activist for indigenous rights in our area and a visit here is worthwhile. There are some shorter hikes in the area, or you can continue your cultural tour with by driving to Reigolil, another Mapuche settlement.

A visit to Colmenares Trancura near Currarehue

Marisol Coñuequir runs a beautiful and successful bee keeping business and produces soaps, cremes etc on base of bee products as honey, pollen and propoleo. A very traditional Mapuche woman successful competing in the "white man's world"

Mapuche Museum Pucon.

A private collection where you`ll find some historical material and Chile`s largest collection of indigenous jewelery ( still a small museum).


Pucon has its own rodeo arena and where local also take place. There is an even bigger arena in Villarrica. In the summer season both offer the chance to see traditional equine activities.

Other activities

Relaxing in natural hot springs.

Prices vary at each spring. e.g. a night visit, "Los Pozones" charges 10.000 CLP incl. Transfer. Thanks to the heavy volcanic activity in our area you`ll find a lot of natural hot springs, some with luxurious infrastructures such as "Termas de Huife" which has a restaurant and hotel. Some have been left in a more natural state, such as "Los Pozones".

Visit the Husky-farm "Aurora Austral"

Prices vary according to the activity, e.g. Adventure day for kids 9.00am - 5.00pm program: 25.000/ kid The Husky-farm offers half to several day events for adults and kids which include dog sled and dogcart tours, an adventure trail on the farm (canopy and Tree house for kids), tent-camps, campfires and more. A visit to the farm is a must if you travel with kids. Husky-cart and dog sled tour for adults.

Sightseeing by plane.

Get an aerial view of the region and fly over the crater of Villarrica Volcano!


Ropes courses in canyons and on waterfalls.

Parachute jumping

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room additional bed

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment kitchen

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living and dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment bedroom

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