Useful hints about your time in Chile:


Due to Chile's lengthy land mass you will find many different climatic zones, from subtropical, dry zones down to polar zones. Climate is formed too by the ocean in the west and Andean mountain ranges in the east, generally you can say that Northern Chile is warm and dry, Central Chile has mild weather all year round and the southern part gets cold and wet in winter. Notice that as Chile is in the southern hemisphere, seasons are opposite to the seasons on the northern hemisphere.

Internet/ WLAN

Internet connection in Chile is pretty good, even on the countryside, but don’t expect it on the trails.


The official language is Spanish; there are some Indian languages in the north and Mapudungun which is spoken by the Mapuche Indians in Southern Chile. Communication without any Spanish knowledge is difficult, but as the Chileans are quite willing to understand, you can manage without. It’s not common to find someone who speaks English.


The Voltage is 220 Volts AC. You need adapters with 2 round poles, which you can buy in almost any shop - for both European and US plugs. On the riding trails there is electricity only in some places, so make sure you carry enough spare batteries for your camera. We can charge batteries about very 3 days.


In Southern America a 10% tip is common in restaurants and bars. The tip for the local guides - which forms an important part of their income - should always maintain a relation with the quality of their efforts.


About Chile

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