Our Horses, our essential partners for trail riding in the Andes Patagonia, Chile

We share our farm with 20 horses, all of them Criollo Chilenos and cross breeds. While some of them are registered, most are "ordinary" working horses. Our horses roam and graze freely throughout several paddocks: a 12-acre pasture on the riverside; a vast, 70-acre field in the mountains; and several smaller 2-acre paddocks beside the house. They range free as a herd all year round and have an open stable available to them where they can seek shelter during the winter. During the summer months, rich pasture and plentiful grass form the staple of their diets, though we supplement with corn and oats when they work. In winter, due to the slow growth of grass in these rough mountains, we feed additional hay.

Get to know them 1 by 1

Crossing the Andes on Horseback

Enjoy a documentary filmed by german national TV about our expedition to Sollipulli Volcano, our Chile - Argentina ride and life on our ranch.

Our most valuable partners

Meanwhile our team still works on the video presentation you can enjoy the most beautifull video ever made about our amazing country.