Crossing the Andes on horseback from Chile into Argentina

Nine day tent camp horseback riding adventure , ten day cabin to cabin trail ride or eleven days with detour to the glacier and crater of Sollipulli volcano

Cross the Andes with us and get the best of two worlds and two historic horse cultures!
From the snow-capped volcanoes of the Chilean Andes, through a pass in Icalma, to the open valleys of the Argentinean pampas, we'll explore and witness the landscape transition as we ride. Encounter smoking volcanoes, snowy peaks, deep blue mountain lakes, and dense, towering rainforests during this once in a lifetime experience.
On the Chilean side we'll experience steep mountains and endless virgin rainforests with our low, sturdy Chilean Criollo horses. Crossing the border, we'll witness the unique Argentinean gaucho lifestyle, the vast plains, and the dramatic cliffs where we can admire the majestic Patagonian condor.
Join us for this unique adventure!

If you’d like to cross the Andes on horseback in more comfort, opt for our cabin to cabin version!
Even more adventurous? check the ride to the top of Sollipulli volcano

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Chile and Argentina + conquering Sollipulli Volcano

Itinerary Horseback ride across the Andes Chile - Argentina, tent camps

  • Riders in front of Villarrica, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

    Pick up in Pucon in the morning, welcome to the farm. We take an initial ride through the Mapuche Indian Community Quelhue and along the rapids of Trancura River to evaluate your riding experience, get familiar with the saddle and tack, and determine which horses to take on our great adventure. In the evening we move to our base camp at Laguna Geppinger from were we start our ride the following morning.


    On Days 2-5 we ride through virgin rainforests and dense stands of Coighue trees and bamboo, and pass by crystal mountain lakes and gurgling creeks. In the evening we make camp besides rivers and lakes; the trails lead through the National Park Huerquehue, the National Forest Reserve Villarrica and the Mapuche Indian Communities of Reigolil and Icalma.

  • Mountainlake on the crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia

    On the 5th day we return to civilization again and ride through the small Mapuche settlement of Icalma where we stay overnight at a beautiful spot on the lake-shore

  • Ale on the border, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

    On the 6th day after arranging custom formalities with the Chilean border control we are heading into the mountains to cross the actual border to Argentina. High in the mountains we say goodbye to our Chilean horses and the guides that led us to this magnificent place. Then we cross the border 10 meters on foot, and greet Hernan and his wonderful Argentinean horses which will bring us through the unique world of the Argentinean Andes for the next three days.

  • Argentina Pampa, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

    On the following days we ride the valleys and cliffs of Argentina, watch condors pass us by,meet shepherds with their herds of cattle or goats and enjoy amazing views over the endless wide open spaces of this uninhabited part of the world. On the evening of the 8th day we reach the outpost were Hernan lives with his horses and which marks the end of our journey. We celebrate the end of the trek with a typical Argentinean barbecue while recounting our adventures from the past week and sharing our impressions of this experience of a lifetime.


    Transfer from Hernan's ranch back to Pucón, Chile were we pick up luggage and say farewell to Antilco and the horses that carried us in Chile. If desired, travelers may finish their trip in Argentina and travel on directly from Hernan's or spend more days riding in the Argentine pampas.

Facts about the Crossing the Andes trail

Meeting point

Pucón, 9.00 am first day


9 Days, 8 nights, 8 days on horseback, one day transfer Argentina - Chile in private bus

Kind of trip

Pack trip, no accompanying car

Number of Riders

2 - 8 riders

Riders Qualification required

Intermediate physical condition, experience on horseback is necessary. We ride up to 8 hours a day with breaks


2 nights in double rooms in cabins on the the last days in Chile in Argentina , 6 nights in tent camps. In the tent camps 2 riders share one tent. We always try to give solo travelers a single tent. Because of weight issues this may not always be possible.

Sanitary equipment

Shower, water toilet on days 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9 ;


Complete food and soft drinks from dinner on the first day to the farewell BBQ on the last day. On the trail we have breakfast, a snack at midday and dinner at the campfire.


All transports to and from Pucón, all fees, all equipment from spoon to tent and sleeping mats.

Personal luggage

Here is a suggestion of things to bring to the ride. Weight limit for personal items excluding sleeping bag, mat and tent : 5kg/11 lbs

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Great landscape, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

Luis in the snow, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

Even in December we will still find snow on the passes

Argentina landscape, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

Argentinean landscape - more dry and open wide

Evening on a campsite, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

Evening at a campsite in Argentinean pampa

Border control in hile, on the Crossing the Andes on Horseback in Northern patagonia Trail

Chilean border control, 2 hours on horseback away from the actual border.

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living room additional bed

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment kitchen

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment living and dining

Spanisch course + accommodation in appartment bedroom

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Crossing the Andes on Horseback

Enjoy a documentary filmed by German National TV about our expedition to Sollipulli Volcano, our Chile - Argentina ride and life on our ranch.

Riding the Volcano part 2

The second part of the documentary of our expedition to the crater and glacier of Sollipulli

Camera and editing: Annelotte Medema. Drone-takes by Hannes Häfner. Check more movies and videos from Lotte at YouTube and at

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